I've been gracefully given a 30 minute slot on the upcoming Jimmy George Band bill at Ruta Maya on Saturday August 21, 2010.  This will be my first show flying solo.  I can't say I'm totally prepared, but I think I have enough material to keep it interesting for 30 minutes.

The show has 3 acts on the bill, Kevin Gant, myself & Jimmy George.  I'm not exactly what time I will be going on but I'm guessing it will be early in the night.  The show starts at 10pm and goes until 2am.

I will also be sitting in along side my good pal Chris Holland with the Jimmy George Band.  JG is one of my favorite musicians to watch.  I saw him for the first time almost 6 years ago when I first moved to Austin.  He is an amazing singer, songwriter & guitarist who uses a lot of looping in his act.  I've been mesmerized ever since.

I spent the last 2 days hanging out in downtown Austin, TX for what is known as South By Southwest.  It's a crazy time of year for the Austin community.  I read recently that SXSW is responsible for bringing 99 million dollars worth of commerce to the Austin community.  To me, that's a startling figure.

Everywhere you turn, you see people with guitars on their backs, people loading and unloading equipment, vans with trailers, and of course the lucky ones, or better said the extremely talented and driven, who have tour buses.  The energy in the city is unlike any other i've seen.  It feels like it's Time Squares in downtown New York with so many people hustling and bustling.

i got the opportunity to see an old friend, Lissie, at the Red Eyed Fly on Saturday.  I hadn't seen her perform in 4 years and was blown away by how much she has matured over the years.  Her voice is amazing and is one of the best I've ever heard live.  Every person in the bar was silent as she played, completely captivated by her divine sounding voice.  Lissie closed her set with a soulful and familiar sounding tune, LittIe Lovin'.  If you get the chance, check her out, you will be enthralled.  My guess is that you'll be hearing a lot about her in the near future.  www.myspace.com/lissiemusic

I also saw my buddies from Fort Collins, Pretty Lights, at Republic Live on Sunday night.  These guys, Derek & Cory, are achieving great success with their electronic sound.  Apparently the venue had sold out during the presale of tickets, 800 sold.  I overheard one of the promoters say to his friend, "this is our first pre-sold out show!"  The line to get into the show was a half of block down the street.

Derek & Cory put on a rippin show.  The place was completely packed and heads were bouncing.  It was a very good enery.  Jessica and I had the opportunity to hang upstairs in the VIP room which had a nice view of the stage and it's own bar.

This is a show Moving Matter played at the Lakewood Bar & Grill in Dallas, TX.  It was recently after we had returned from a 30 day tour.  After playing that much together in a month, I felt like we were firing on all cylinders.  This is a favorite clip of mine filmed by Justin Hapka.